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Table Project

Faith's Table Project is Growing!  Join our online community today.
We launched our Table on September 9 and people are joining us each week. We started with a Launch Team of 8 people and as of October 17, we had 34 members and 10 groups.


If you're a member of Faith and haven't joined yet, why not get started today? Read below to find out more about the Table and why you should join us.

What Good is the Table? What Can I Do There?
The Table Project lets us connect with people from our church beyond just Sunday morning. It's a social network that allows us to stay connected with each other and to share important things that are going on in our lives and in the life of our Faith community. The Table is a place where we can support one another, discuss things, ask for and offer help and support, share photos, make and join groups, and connect with each other in new ways.

In those ways, it might sound a little like FaceBook, but a key difference is that it's private just for us. When you're on the Table, you won't be broadcasting to the whole world and there are no unknown people lurking around reading what we post. It's private, just for our church community.

Here are a few highlights of what you can do when you join the Table:
  • Feel safe on the Table. That's because of these features that are built in:
    • Only our church members can access our Table.
    • You won't be posting to the open internet. To borrow a phrase we might say that "What's on our Table STAYS on our Table."
    • You can set your own privacy levels to control who can see your address, phone and so on.
    • Did someone post something that seems inappropriate? Just flag it and it and will immediately disappear and be dealt with by the Admins.
  • Stay connected to the life of our church any time and wherever you are - from any computer with an internet connection, or on your smart phone or iPad. Life happens 24/7, not just on Sunday mornings, so stay connected to our Faith community all week long.
  • Try out the Prayer Wall app to post a prayer request for yourself or others. Pray for someone in need and they will see that you are standing with them.
  • Use the Serve app to ask for help, offer help, offer something that someone else might need, or to get a team together for a project
  • Send QuickNotes  - they're similar to Twitter. Just 140 characters max, QuickNotes are an easy way to communicate with friends, members of a group, or just a few people.
  • Join a group - choir, Bible, men, women, youth, or anything else you can imagine. Don't see the one you want? Create it, and invite others to join you (new groups can be started by anyone, but must be approved by the Table admins before launching - another way we insure appropriateness).
  • Share life - through photos, prayer, discussion boards, and common interests.
  • Like FaceBook, you can "friend" people so you can stay connected easily.
  • It's a church directory, and since it's private to just for our church, we can post our phone numbers, addresses, interests, gifts, etc.without having that all over the internet.  Add your picture so that we can learn to recognize each other more easily. Don't have a digital pic? We can take one for you at church following worship.
  • Join in on a discussion topic that's already going, or start one of your own.
  • Find people with interests like yours - sports, movies, quilting, camping, fishing, coffee, Bible study, anything that you do.

Getting Started:
You can watch an introductory video about the Table Project by clicking INTRO

See what the Prayer Wall can do:  Watch this short PRAYER VIDEO.

Want to join our Table? Click on JOIN to request membership (remember, only our church community is allowed - that's why you will have wait to be approved by the admins).

Already on our Table? Download a pdf help file by clicking  GETTING STARTED. You will find help on setting up your profile, starting with the Table and cool things you can do there.